Smart Power for Industries

A fully automated production line of an aircraft manufacturer or a robotized car assembly factory requires a stable power supply and the highest power quality.

The recent development of energy storage technologies together with a sharp decline in prices of lithium-based batteries and solar panels has enabled combined solutions that are both technically and financially viable.

Our experience in this field stems from solutions originally developed for oil & gas clients where our systems have been powering mission-critical applications. Scaling up these solutions to hundreds of kW to MW power range allows us to offer systems for a variety of industrial applications including fast power (ms) startup and peak load shaving that is highly demanded in many European corporations.

Do not allow your manufacturing operations to be compromised by fluctuating power quality

  • Our solutions power fine tooling machines, laser cutters, actuators, robots
  • Modular storage and power conditioning unit design let systems grow with your need
  • Ultra-safe LiFePO4 storage technology eliminates any operating risk

Reduce Your Power Bill

  • Peak load shaving capability avoids the risk of 15 min overload fee payment to your power supplier
  • Our smart control system allows for integration with existing power infrastructure thus protecting your previous investments
  • Combination of energy storage with renewable sources of power, solar panels bring further savings in operating costs
  • Corporate mini-grid can be set up which will enhance the autonomy element in your power stability strategy

We will be happy to look into your existing environment and planned power needs so that we can present a robust end-to-end solution ready to support your Industry4.0 program.

See our case study here .