Rural Electrification

People without access to reliable electricity can greatly benefit from our off-grid and hybrid solar-powered solutions that are designed and manufactured for their extreme and harsh conditions. We deliver our solutions to households in rural and remote areas all over the world, and our emphasis is especially on those in the developing countries of Africa and Asia.

Have a consistent power source that reduces your electricity costs

  • Agile's solar-powered remote area solutions make it consistent and cost-effective to people from developing countries
  • Our solar systems improve the livelihoods of a great number of people on the African as well as the Asian continent

Choose the perfect power solution for your needs

  • Our solar solutions for rural electrification include on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solutions (combination of diesel gen-set and solar power) and individual solar products with great impact on village communities.
  • Such solar systems are designed for rural schools, for water pumping, irrigation or purification (drinking quality), cooling containers for hospitals and farmers, solar lanterns, mobile chargers and more.

We have already made a great impact on the lives of people in Kenya with our solar container for rural electrification. This solution brings light to almost 300 households that never had any electricity before.

See our case study here .