Off-Grid Solar System, Ubuntu Power

Customer Quote
„It was an absolute pleasure to work with Agile Europe. They did more than just deliver and install our PV system quickly and efficiently. They became an integral part of our team and worked closely with us to meet our requirements and exceed our expectations. I now see them as an integral part of our ongoing operations and a valuable partner that we can rely on to scale across our markets. We continue to be very happy with all aspects of their delivery and performance system and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a solar system. Juan Herrada, CEO of Ubuntu Power

Client Background and Motivation
Ubuntu Power Ltd is an off-grid micro-utility company. The company provides zero-waste productive power, Internet and water to off-grid communities. They aim to unlock communities' labor and educational opportunities in order to increase their disposable income, enabling them to rise out of poverty and drive their own long-term development goals.

Solution Description
Off-grid solar PV system with energy storage covering a full load of 250 households in the rural area of ​​Kenya.


  • Output voltage 230V

  • Maintenance-free

  • Dust-proof design

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Modular design

  • Remote monitoring and management

Client Benefits
All equipment is installed in one container for easy deployment and transportation. 24/7 Remote monitoring and control management from our main office in Europe for hassle-free operation


  • Our mini-grids operate 24/7

  • Solar based power to more than 250 households for phone charging and popular household appliances

  • A complete grid distributing power across villages and connecting hundreds of homes at a time

  • Solar batteries provide a minimum of 8 hours of autonomy