About Us

We are a European manufacturer of smart power solutions with a global presence.

Our customized solar solutions are assembled from the first-class technologies and help businesses, individuals & public institutions address their power needs in an innovative and cost-effective way.

Agility, reliability, authenticity is a strong point of our company. Our skilled international management teams provide excellent services and support in the fields of IT technologies, telecommunication and finance. Our experienced engineering teams design edge-cutting solar solutions focusing on performance/cost, roll-out installation and maintenance-free operation. Thanks to our local offices and agents we always have the first-hand information about the key markets that help us to be ahead of the curve in terms of the latest developments.

Agile Europe collaborates with major financial institutions such as the World Bank and other global banks. Our future plans include extending our distribution network to geographically new markets.

Key Facts & Figures

  • Agile Europe was founded in 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic
  • PV technology supplied for more than 80 MWp
  • Headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
  • Agile Europe has its presence in more than 15 countries all over the world
  • Own R&D department